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  1. alex shlatz pisze:

    HI ,My grandparents John & Katherine Szlachtycz(changed to Shlatz in USA ) were from Ulucz ,John was born around 1882 and left to the USA around 1905 does anyone in Ulucz know of them ?Where exactly in Ulucz was there home? Where did they go upon leaving Ulucz( What port to USA or possibly Canada would they have used?Thank You Alex Shlatz,Homosassa,Fl.USA

    Ps- I intend to vist ULucz next year

  2. Aleksandra Kudyba pisze:

    Alex, To your surprise I have a map of Ulucz.
    Its pretty detailed. Live in Connecticut since 1965. My mother and grandmother were evacuated in 1947 in the Wisla evacuation. I have heard the name Szlachtycz many time. My mom came from Szczurko and Polanski family. Their house was just below Dubnik.

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