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XXXIV Zjazd Uluczan

XXXIV Zjazd Uluczan – podsumowanie wydatków           Autorzy zdjęć: Anna Petrecka, Rafał Hadam

Ulucz – Demographics Study

The following demographics data was compiled from various articles, historical geographical guides, books, almanacs, etc. that mention Ulucz.   It is possible that the information may not be accurate because quite often the immediate sources quoted other original documents as its sources that no longer exist, but the data does appear to be relatively consistent across …

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Family Names

Ulucz – Family Names Notes The following table was compiled from names found in various historical and contemporary sources where the village was mentioned. Most likely this list is not exhaustive. The language differences may contribute to different spelling of the names. Any incorrect misspellings are unintentional. English names. English spelling of the names was …

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