Ukrainian genealogy in America

Michael Buryk – Ukrainian Family Historian
Michael Buryk is a professional genealogist with 35 years experience in doing Lemko and Ukrainian genealogy.

Mike is also a writer and speaker whose research focuses on Lemko and Ukrainian genealogy and the history of Ukrainians in the United States. New Jersey-based FAMILY HISTORIAN TV featured Mike in a half-hour program that focused on Ukrainian genealogy in 2012.

TV interview with Michael Buryk – “ Ukrainian genealogy”: http://vp.telvue.com/preview?id=T00331&video=129030

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  1. Christina Dobriansky pisze:

    My grandfather, Mikolai Dobrianskyj, was a Greek Catholic priest from Ulucz. My father, Jaroslav Dobrianskyj, studied medicine at Lviv University, and left in 1944. He came to New York in 1951. I am trying to find information about his past, of which he would not discuss, except to say that he life was a tragedy. I found a distant cousin who lives in Kiev, but she has no information about the Dobriansky family. I welcome any information that will tell me more about my father’s culture and history.

  2. Lucyna pisze:

    My grandad was Dobrzyński from Ulucz.Józef Dobrzyński was born in 1909,died in 2002 in Susz.He had 2 sisters Katarzyna,she lived in Toruń and another one had a daughter who lives or lived in USA,but Im not sure her surname maybe Lewkowicz.

  3. Lucyna pisze:

    A little mistake in surname – DOBRZAŃSKI JÓZEF

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