Your family is your heritage…


Your family is your heritage, don’t let it vanish into the oblivion of time”

I will discover the history of your family.
I will find the forefathers of your clan.
I will reach living members of your family.
I will arrange and conduct a personal tour to meet living family members

Genealogy is my passion.

Aleksandra Kacprzak

If there is anything to be found in the archives, I will find it. I speak English, Russian, and, of course, Polish. I can also read German and Latin documents.

My lively attitude, zeal for investigation, and friendly demeanor make me very effective in finding the elusive members of families.

I can organize and conduct personal tours to hometowns, archives, and historical places in Poland, according to your demands.

I am also very good at organizing family reunions.

In the world capital of genealogy, Salt Lake City, I have completed the Eastern European research course. I am a member of the Polish Genealogical Society in New Britain and Polish Genealogical Society in Warsaw.



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