Album rodzinny: Rodzina Gulaczyk


Rodzina Gulaczyk – USA

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    • Grace Hopkins on 15 czerwca 2015 at 02:47
    • Odpowiedz

    My name is Grace Hopkins. I am the daughter of Julene Gulachok ( Gulaczyk). My aunt, Cher Gulachok, informed me that someone from this website had contacted her about our family history. I grew up mostly in the kitchen with Mary and Walter Gulachok learning numerous Ukrainian traditions. I have many current photos of the family if need be but I was also curious more about my family history. I was always very curious since every Gulachok I know always had amazing stories.

    • MIKE GULACHOK on 31 października 2023 at 17:27
    • Odpowiedz

    there is a family legend that a great aunt had a store in ulucz and when the nazis arrived. she protested in front of the store and was shot. any truth to this story? thank you, mike gulachok

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